Black Gold will Feed your Soul

It’s November 19, 2016 and it is 60 degrees and the sun in shining.  Today I awoke at 6 am with extra energy and a desire to get out in the garden to add compost to my raised beds. Once the frost was lifted the crisp morning air felt fresh and invigorating.  I could feel the warmth of the decayed matter as I handled the bare compost with my hands and spread it on my raised beds.  My compost is aged for a year in a pile that is 6 feet by  10 and 5 feet high.  I use an old wire fence to hold all the material  in the pile .  This pile consists of grass clippings, straw leaves, chicken manure, horse manure from a generous neighbor’s farm, kitchen scraps, and weeds pulled from my gardens.     The compost is then screened though a wire tray so that only the finest casting from the worms and ready compost is added to the beds.  The  material which was not screened will get added back to a pile for next years use.  I add about 6 inches of this black gold to my raised beds.  Which will nourish the soil that worked hard this past season to grow delicious organic vegetables.  Compost is one of the most important ingredients you can add to you garden beds in the fall to assure that next spring your beds are ready to accept your young transplants and nuture them to maturity without adding fertilizer or plant food.   I have great success every year in the garden with the addition of my compost.   The compost will nourish your vegetables to maturity and will feed your soul knowing you made the food for your soil from scratch.  Get outside and start piling up those leaves and let nature start doing the work to make black gold!


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